Public Safety

EducationPublic Safety First Responders need reliable communications systems able to survive in virtually all conditions. They need coverage within their jurisdictions, and the ability to communicate across jurisdictions. The bottom line: First Responders need excellent communications to support their missions. Public service workers depend on effective communications systems to link with their supervisors and with their dispatchers to ensure that their unique missions are accomplished as fast and cost effectively as possible. RF Design can provide a solution that best meets your needs.
Suggested Radio for Public Safety




EducationTwo way radios are an essential tool for communication in schools with uses in directing traffic, connecting administrators and staff, maintenance, janitorial, and even in safety concerns or during evacuation events. Whatever your needs are, RF Design has a radio that fits your needs. Whether it’s a small, low powered/low cost to meet your budget needs or if it’s a radio needed to cover a large campus with multiple channels and functionalities. RF Design can help you choose the right radio for your application.


EducationInstant communications between security staff is critical, making two way radios an essential and effective tool. Radios allow security personnel to mobilize quickly while responding to accidents, disturbances, or theft. Powerful and durable two or four watt radios are typically preferred for security operations, with repeater capable radios being necessary for large scale or mobile applications requiring miles of range. The Kenwood or Motorola lines offer these options and much more.

Healthcare / Hospitality

EducationWith tighter budgets and a growing need to stay connected, personnel are being tasked now more than ever with finding ways to improve processes and the quality of care. Instant communication is vital in helping keep the staff on the go and in constant contact. Whether it's an analog or digital solution you are looking for, we can provide a solution that best meets your needs.


ManufacturingRF Design has Two-Way radio solutions that are designed specifically for retail, warehouse and manufacturing. We offer quality products that meet or beat your needs. Designed to increase efficiency and improve productivity and built to last, the Motorola and Kenwood products provide the sturdy platform for the communication system that is critical to operating your business. You can choose from a large selection that fits your company's needs.
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