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GatesAir Intraplex®

The GatesAir Intraplex name has been synonymous with quality in audio, voice and data transport products. Reliable Intraplex products are designed to meet the “always on” communications needs of broadcast radio and public safety professionals around the world.

Intraplex products are broadcasting’s first choice for rock-solid, full-time operation of wired and wireless audio and data links. Offering superior support and long-term value, Intraplex point-to-point and multi-site systems for linking studio and transmitter sites result in increased network efficiency for transport of program audio, voice and data. Whether for IP networks, digital T1/E1 links or 950 MHz wireless, Intraplex solutions offers a wide variety of options to meet your needs for studio-transmitter and interfacility links.

The Intraplex® CrossConnect System and CrossConnect Server provide routing and switching capabilities for up to six T1 or E1 circuits, as well as automatic backup switching for STL links. The CrossConnect System is for switching only, designed to handle T1/E1 circuits and cross-route them internally. The CrossConnect Server accepts a wide variety of plug-in modules for integrated drop and insert of voice, data and program audio. Station operators can dynamically route services among multiple studio and transmitter locations, sharing programming and administrative resources among geographically separated facilities. Cross-Connect Servers reduce transport link requirements, providing cost savings in both point-to-point and point-to-multi-point networks.


  • Interface with as many as six T1 or E1 lines
  • CrossConnect Servers accept channel cards, providing local voice, data and audio interfaces for up to 48 time slots (T1) or 62 time slots (E1)
  • Programmable automatic T1/E1 line protection switching for studio-to-transmitter (STL) links
  • Individual time slot routing among all T1/E1 ports
  • Automatic protection switching on any of the T1/E1 ports
  • Eight time-slot grooming maps
  • Multicast encoded audio feeds from a studio to multiple transmitter sites
  • IntraGuide® software and optional SCM-IP SNMP proxy provide flexible, intuitive network configuration and management options

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