Fiber to RF Conversions

R.F. Design has the engineering, products and implementation experience to provide radio coverage for a variety of systems operating on various radio bands by utilizing RF to fiber optic conversion products and system design.

Areas of coverage to include:
  • Transit systems
  • Indoor building space from 5000 sq ft to 100,000 sq ft
  • Outdoor selected areas
  • Simulcast indoor and outdoor system extensions

The use of Fiber to RF conversion systems enables users and system integrators the ability to extend coverage for multiple frequencies over multiple bands to multiple areas.

Using custom and off the shelf products from Axell Wireless Systems and Dekolink, R.F. Design is able to provide structured cost effective coverage solutions for most systems.

R.F. Design and Integration can take multiple radio system carriers and convert them to fiber optic light for transport to areas of coverage and then reconvert this light back to the original RF carriers for amplification. The reverse process takes place for system receive.

  • Land mobile applications from 30 MHz to 900 MHz
  • Cellular, PCS voice and data applications
  • Microwave extensions from 2 GHz to 38 GHz
  • Voice , Data, DMR, LTR, Analog trunking, P25, Simulcast

More Information:
Download PDF: Axell Wireless Radio Coverage Solutions
Download PDF: Axell Wireless Active Catalog

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